Over the recent years I have been focusing on studies and transitioned from portraits and nature photography into solely doing weddings and other events. Photography has always been my part-time "summer job", however I am looking into returning back to more personal projects. 

My style can be described as romantic and candid. I never make my clients do cringy poses. The goal is always to pose the couple in a way that it looks natural and effortless. I try to do my best during each session or event. 

However, I see myself turning more towards fine art style - airy, soft light with focus on the details and emotion in the future.

Over the last 4 years I have been frequently traveling to Sweden by sea and by air visiting my boyfriend. Therefore Swedish culture has stuck to me and blended with my Latvian morality. This love for nature and cold climates has brought me to Scotland as well, where I was lucky to have photographed some very cheerful weddings.

I love to travel and never get tired of it. In fact, packing the suitcase and going off to the airport is exhilarating. 



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Ventspils University Collage student photo club member exhibition (2013)
National Geoagraphic Latvia (2013)
Latvia's nature our beauty (2010)

DELFI gada balva fotogrāfijā finalist (2014)
Article in the local newspaper "Ventas Balss" (13.01.2014)
Mention on LTV1 as nature photographer (31.12.2013)
Photo Vogue "Best Of" (2013)
Daily Deviation on deviantart.com (13.11.2011)
Daily Deviation on deviantart.com (31.03.2009)

<- ME at favorite place in Sweden: Spikarna.

Age: 23

Degree: BA Translation Studies

Languages: LV, EN, RU, SV.

A dog person with straight-forward attitude and sarcastic jokes. 

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